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Amino Therapy

At Hormone Health and Wellness of the Palm Beaches, we offer many types of Amino Acid therapies. We can also offer custom compounded therapies specifically for you and based on your physiological needs and goals. There have been great strides made in this particular field of medicine, and these medically prescribed supervised therapies are only available from a physician.

We have had tremendous results and feedback from our patients. Along with our “energy cocktails”, we also offer lipotropic therapies for dramatic fat loss. At Hormone Health and Wellness of the Palm Beaches, we have an amino acid to suit a multiple of goals. These therapies can increase metabolism, reduce blood cholesterol, aide in excretion of chemical waste, convert carbohydrates into energy, and support the endocrine, cardiovascular and hepatic systems.

Other Amino Acid therapies we offer will increase the immune system, improve skin, improve nerve function, provide brain nutrition, and increase athletic performance. Many of our therapies are used to support and maintain our BHRT therapies and HCG diet.

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IMPORTANT! All information presented in this website is intended for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice.

Therapies cannot be provided unless your physical exam, medical history, and lab work show a clinical need. Completing the required forms, lab work and exams doesn't automatically qualify you for treatment. Only the prescribing physician can determine if you qualify.